The Voice of Santur at The Nomads Tent: Friday 21st October 6.30 – 7.30pm 2016

The Nomads Tent is thrilled to welcome, for the first time playing in Scotland, virtuoso santur player, Peyman Heydarian. Peyman has toured the world with a multi-ethnic programme The Voice of Santur. In this programme you will hear a talk and recital featuring Persian and Kurdish music as well as pieces from Greece, Ireland, and Scotland. Peyman will also demonstrate and play the daf, a large Kurdish frame drum used in popular and classical music.



The Santur originated in Iran and is played in different musical traditions. It is referred to as a hammered dulcimer in English. The Voice of the Santur programme acts as a bridge between different cultures and contributes to the understanding of cultural diversity.


Tickets £7.00, refreshments will be served. Booking advisable.

T: 0131 662 1612 E:

21 St Leonard’s Lane, EH8 9SH

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