Summer Newsletter 2019

Our Summer 2019 Newsletter explores the connection between two rare ‘garden’ carpets; one housed in Glasgow, the other in Jaipur.

singing the pattern

Rufus Reade invites us to join him on his lastest travels in an illustrated article on his trip to Transcaucasia, and Andrew Haughton engages with the ancient practice of  ‘Singing the Pattern’. To read our full Summer 2019 newsletter click here: Nomads News Summer 2019

To read more about the role of singing cultures around carpet weaving in Iran click here.

To read the article by Anthony Tuck referenced in the newsletter click here.

Woven Sounds – Carpet pattern singing in Iran:

The video below shows a very kitsch idea of ‘naqshe khani’, or ‘singing the pattern’ as illustrated in Andrew’s newsletter article:

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