Silk Road Talk by Philippa Woodcock: Wednesday 24th October 6.30pm – 8pm 2018

Inspired by reading Islamic architecture at university, followed by a further two years of detailed planning, Phlippa accomplished a very unique journey in 2017. With the tour group Wild Frontiers, she travelled to fifteen UNESCO sites, involving five border crossings in seven weeks. Thus, not suprisingly, ’40 beds in 45 nights’!




Philippa will unravel some of the strands of the textile trade in silk, cotton and wool which, by the early Christian era, the Silk Road had become famous for. Taking us on a fascinating adventure, her presentation promises to be a unique highlight to brighten up our October!


’40 beds in 45 nights’; A Silk Road trip from Beijing to Istanbul’  Talk by Philippa Woodcock 
Tickets £7
All proceeds going to Mercy Corps
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