Rug Cleaning

We are pleased to announce a reduced cost for cleaning from £35/m2 to £30/m2 for the vast majority of  rugs, carpets and kilims. Cleaning makes rugs last longer, smell fresher and look prettier. Cleaning hand woven rugs needs skill and care. Our rug cleaner is Ian Norris of LCM Specialist Services. Ian regards learning and researching as an ongoing part of the excellent work he he does for our customer’s rugs. Click here to see his website. (Right: before and after cleaning).

Disinfecting and ‘virucide’ treatment

In addition for the foreseeable future a some people may be pleased to hear we’ll offer a ‘virucide’ treatment at no additional cost (unless you prefer we don’t use it). We are confident from our own investigations that this disinfection process is worth doing. It has proved 99.999% effective in killing other viruses although testing on this new coronavirus is not yet complete at the time of writing, 25th April 2020.

Rug Repair

  • A stitch in time saves nine. It makes financial sense to mend small holes, tatty selvedges and unraveling fringes; a relatively modest outlay may add years onto the life of a beloved carpet. More ambitious projects, such as re-piling badly worn areas, can also be undertaken. AND we’ll be clear if the cost of repair is disproportionate to the value of the rug.
  • Securing fringes and sides: from £20 + VAT per linear metre (can be more if finer weaving).
  • Holes, splits and moth damage – please ask for a quote.  A rough guide may be possible with emailed images.
  • Valuations and Appraisals: For informal/verbal appraisals or valuations send good images and sizes by email. For formal/written valuations please call or email.

Moth Prevention

  • Clothes moths (Tineola Bissilliella) have a wingspan of about 14mm to 18mm
  • They are mainly active from April to October.
  • They feed on animal hair, wool, feathers, fur, clothing, carpets and upholstery.
  • Adult moths don’t live for long but the female lays 100s of eggs in her short life.
  • The eggs lay dormant for 4 to 10 days before hatching.
  • The larvae can live up to 2 years, munching away through winter.

How to manage your carpet moth problem

Identify the area where you may have an infestation, behind sofas, under skirting boards, cupboards and in dark corners. Then vacuum all your carpets and rugs thoroughly both sides. Consider carefully how you empty the vacuum cleaner!

Use Carpet Moth Killer on the areas you have discovered an infestation following instruction on the bottle. Leave overnight and vacuum again the following day to remove dead Larvae that may have escaped in the first vacuuming.

Longer term reduction of moth infestations is greatly helped by using The Nomads Tent’s Pheromone Moth Catcher . These act as both a suppressor of the male moth population and a barometer of how bad the problem is.

Get into the habit of checking regularly for signs of moth – prevention pays off.

The Nomads Tent offers a Deep Freeze Treatment for rugs and other items. Please enquire and check availability before bringing in. The service is complimentary if part of a cleaning order.

In an Emergency!

  • In the event of urgent need for help such as after flood or fire damage, we may be able to help (call us 0131 662 1612). You may also find The Revival Company offer more suitable response options. Tel: 0800 393 689
  • If a rug is soaked by a flood do all you can to dry it out, take photographs, call the above! Don’t roll it up and leave it.

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