* Free collection and return of rugs for cleaning and repair* in Edinburgh and a very nominal charge further afield (both subject to minimum order of £80 + VAT). Reduced rate for cleaning = £32/m2 + VAT. Please call to arrange or discuss.

*A microbial biocide treatment is also included for rug cleaning, if required, at no extra charge. Called ‘Microsan’, it has proved effective against various bacteria and viruses. It is a Microbial Biocide.with the important caveat that all the current information shows that the Current Virus strain Covid19 is from a large family of viruses. Therefore we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of this product at the moment. The treatment, if requested, will include the usual colour stability tests.


Our Rug Clinic

Bring your rugs and your questions to The Nomads Tent “Rug Clinic”. We’ve spent the last 35 years showing you ours – but we love to see your rugs too. Ask us about them:


  1. What is my rug worth?
  2. Can you tell me the name of the village where it was woven?
  3. Would it be expensive to repair?


Our New Cleaning and Repair Service

From 1st September 2018 we’re pleased to announce we have reduced our rug cleaning cost from £40 to £35/m2 +VAT. Stream lining of our turnaround times, some amazing technological advances and the great knowledge and enthusiasm of Ian who does the actual cleaning, mean your rugs, runners, kilims and carpets will come out cleaner, dust and odour free and the cost is 13% less than before. The laborious beating to remove dust and grit removal is now done by a superb high tech centrifuge. Also most stains now come out with no extra processes or cost.


A stitch in time saves nine

It makes financial sense to mend small holes, tatty selvedges and unravelling fringes; a relatively modest outlay may add years onto the life of a beloved carpet. More ambitious projects, such as re-piling badly worn areas, can also be undertaken. AND we’ll be clear if the cost of repair is disproportionate to the value of the rug.


A clean rug is a brighter, happier rug…

  • Professional rug cleaning: £35/m2 (over 8m2 = £30/m2). So refresh your rug!
  • Securing fringes and sides: It’s usually simple and quick; from £20 + VAT per linear metre (can be more if finer weaving).
  • Repairs: including holes, splits and moth damage – please ask for a quote. (a rough guide can be given from good quality emailed images)
  • The Nomads Tent own brand Moth Traps: £4 each or 3 for £10 including postage.
  • Rug Remedy’ Moth Spray: Specially developed for care of rugs but good for all household moth control costs £15 and covers up to 50m2.
  • Freezer System: from £10 up to £150 for about half a cubic metre.
  • Valuations and Appraisals: Informal/verbal valuations; just bring your rugs in or send good images and sizes by email. Formal/written valuations; from £40 +VAT.


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