Road Shows

For over 30 years we have loaded our vans with tribal and village rugs, kilims, furniture, ceramics, gifts, textiles and jewellery and set off from our Edinburgh warehouse to create spectacular, authentic pop-up bazaars in private homes and venues. These have included Rockfield House in Somerset, Kincardine Castle in Aboyne and Westfield House in Elgin.

These exhibitions present an enjoyable day out and an opportunity to acquire beautiful, practical and elegant objects in a welcoming and relaxed home environment. The shows also raise money for a variety of charities which have included  Climate Stewards, Chase Africa and Children 1st.


What does organising an exhibition involve?
Running an exhibition in your own home or in a barn, studio, friend’s house, or other reasonably sized venue (min. 800 sq. ft.) for 9 – 10 days including at least 2 weekends, starting on a Friday or Saturday and ending on a Sunday.

The organiser compiles a mailing list, books local advertising and helps to set up and runs the exhibition for its duration. The Nomads Tent works with the organiser to create a comprehensive social media campaign, provides artwork and pays for all ads.

All costs, except helpers if you hire any, are paid for by the Nomads Tent. A commission is paid to you based on sales after deduction of VAT.


How is the show set up?
A large van will arrive from the Nomads Tent with a full show, and with your help we will put up the exhibition. Once you are happy with the set up we will withdraw and leave you to run the show. We are at the end of the phone if you have any queries. The stock arrives with prices, a code and origin. At the end of the exhibition we will, with your help, load up the unsold stock and take it away.


No expertise required. Enthusiasm and energy essential! We will provide you with a ‘manual’ covering the ‘when and how’ of everything from beginning to end. If you would like to talk to another exhibition organiser we can put you in touch with others who run shows.

We are always keen to hear from potential organisers who would be keen to host a show. If you are interested please call or email us for further details.


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