Turcoman chapan, Afghanistan

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  • £350.00

    Typical of Turcoman textiles, the embroidery is in black, red and yellow, on ground material mainly of a deep green/black heavy hand woven cotton with red cuffs. Every stitch, seam, pleat and gusset is satisfying to behold.


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Product Description

The Nomads Tent collection of vintage and antique tribal costume. Many of these items were part of our exhibition, ‘Textiles of the Southern Silk Route’. They were acquired in the Teheran bazaar and other places, mostly over 20 years ago. Some are as late as 50 years ago, some are clearly older. Condition is generally good to excellent with a few signs of expected wear from age. Many have been extremely little used, being brought out for rare and special occasions, until handed in to the bazaar traders who may hang on to them for decades before being shown to us!

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