Sivrihisar kilim 400 x 168 cms

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    Sivrihisar, Central Turkey, early 20th century

    Size(cm): 400 x 168

    Size(ft):  13’2 x 5’6


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Product Description

Sivrihisar: this rather delicious word describes kilims from Central Turkey, south east of Ankara. Very little kilim weaving takes place in Turkey now, certainly almost none of the quality of this example which was woven around 100 years ago. The repeating pattern shows the ‘elibelinde’ or ‘hands on hips’ motif, said to depict a mother goddess above the phoenix. Anatolian kilim imagery reflects a very old culture. The famous archeological site of Catal Huyuk revealed paintings with these images, though controversy surrounds some of the now lost evidence, it seems certain kilims reflect a particular thread of culture going a long way back into history.

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