Qashqai 296 x 200 cms

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    Qashqai, SW Persia

    Typical of Qashqai weaving, this carpet has a ‘triple pole medalion’ surrounded by a rich field filled with stylised plant and abstract forms, with a loosely formed ‘Herati’ pattern emerging in places. There is an intricate play between many  shades of chestnut brown, red, blue and cream, which create a gentle richness. Hand spun wool, natural dyes. Shiraz province c.2000.

    Size(cm): 296 x 200

    Size(ft):  9’4 x 6’8


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Product Description

The Qashqai of SW Persia have survived many political upheavals over many centuries, not least because like so many nomadic tribes, they were often on the move. In less than a day, all the belongings of a Qashqai family could be packed up and put on a few camels and horses (nowadays likely a car or van also) ready to move. Also like many nomadic cultures, they depended on sheep and other animals to provide food but especially warmth and utitlities such as bags, and floor coverings. Well woven acutrements for their lives were also a matter of pride which drove them to ever more refined and beautiful items.

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