Moladavian Kilim 334 x 214 cm

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  • £1,300.00

    Moladavian Kilim from the early 20th century.

    The quality of both wool and deep saturated colours is impressive in this kilim.

    Size(cm): 334 x 214

    Size(ft): 11’ x 7′


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Product Description

There is some controversy surrounding the origin of these kilims. They were originally found in a dusty rug shop in downtown Istanbul in the late 1990s but were probably woven in the 1960s or 70s, during the Soviet era. Traditional Moldavian kilims are more like French tapestries in weaving technique and have some obvious European influences in their design. But they also have a certain flamboyant folky Russian flavour. The mostly natural dyes have produced excellent, deeply ‘saturated’ colours. These extremely well woven kilims are suitable as  floor coverings and were also made to hang on walls as some are obviously pictorial.

Additional Information

Dimensions334 x 214 cm

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