Exceptional Saddle Bag, Veramin, Persia, 153 x 71cms

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    Exceptional Saddle Bag, Veramin, Persia, 2nd Quarter 20thC

    The best example of a saddle bag in our collection. Its in almost mint condition, woven with the best glossy wool and stunning colours. Little such weaving exists from after 1930 so this represents a pristine example of a culture now consigned mostly to the history books.  


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Product Description

Life for many tribes around the world who depend on animals to subsist has often been a well of textile creativity, spurred on by a kind of joyful competitive spirit, not unlike the urge in some quarters to buy the latest model of a car! Being portable and fit for any of the many needs of their life, produced an amazing variety of bags and trappings, always expressing family, tribal, and regional pride.  

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