Eri silk scarf, Meghalaya, NE India 170 x 30 £38 AJ082

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    Eri silk scarf, hand spun pure eri silk, hand woven in Umden village, Meghalaya, NE India.

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Product Description

The eri silk weavers of NE India have a more gentle approach to silk production. The cocoon is cut open to save the silk worms instead of boiling them as is usually done to gather the silk yarn. The eri silk yarn, spun by hand, has an exceptional softness. Working on their beautiful looms, a skilled weaver in the village of Umden, Meghalaya, may work a few hours or all day, as other tasks in the gentle life of this community allow. The preparatory work of worm cultivation, spinning and dying is all done in the village. The dyes used include a deep rich yellow from the local turmeric root, red from the lac beetle and indigo.

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