Eri Silk Scarf 156 x 40cms

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    Eri Silk Scarf – Natural dyes


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Product Description

Handwoven in Umden village, Meghalaya NE India.

This beautiful hand woven vegan silk scarf is woven on a loom in Umden Village, Meghalaga, NE India using natural vegetable dyes. Eri Silk is often referred to as the Vegan or peace silk as the eri silkworm spins short segments of a filament and creates a cocoon that is open at one end – enabling the moth to emerge unlike most common silks where the silkworm is boiled alive in the silk making process. This luxurious scarf has a dense coarse fine quality that is soft to the touch and a delight to own or give as a gift to a friend. 156 x 40 cm

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