Carpet Moth Killer 500ml

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    500ml Moth Spray, specially developed for Oriental Rugs. Effective for all domestic applications.

    No more moths, and no risk of moths on that rug or carpet.

    Also available in 1 litre.

    Price includes postage. This item will be sent separately from other goods you may order.


Product Description

It is advised that you remove pets and children from the room before use.

Lightly spray the back and front of your rug (just a misting). For fitted carpet, spray the front only.

Leave to dry; this shouldn’t take more than 1 hour. Detailed instructions are on the bottle. see also this information sheet.

What is a Carpet Moth?

  • A very small moth with wingspan of about 14mm to 18mm
  • They are mainly active from April to October.
  • They feed on animal hair, wool, feathers, fur, clothing, carpets and upholstery.
  • Adult moths don’t live for long but the female lays 100s of eggs in her short life.
  • The eggs lay dormant for 4 to 10 days before hatching.
  • The larvae can live up to 2 years, munching away through winter.

How to manage your carpet moth problem
Identify the area where you may have an infestation, behind sofas, under skirting boards, cupboards and in dark corners.
Vacum all your carpets and rugs thoroughly both sides. Consider carefully how you empty the vacuum cleaner!
Use Carpet Moth Killer (link this) on the areas you have discovered an infestation following instruction on the bottle.
Leave overnight and vacuum again the following day to remove dead Larvae that may have escaped in the first vacuuming.
Longer term reduction of moth infestations is greatly helped by using The Nomads Tent’s Pheromone Moth Catcher (link this). These act as both a suppressor of the male moth population and a barometer of how bad the problem is.
Get into the habit of checking regularly for signs of moth – prevention pays off.
The Nomads Tent offers a Deep Freeze Treatment for rugs and other items. Please enquire and check availability before bringing in. The service is complimentary if part of a cleaning order.

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