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    Abadeh, Fars, SW Persia. Abadeh is a village in Northern part of Fars province, famous for very finely woven village rugs with an array of tribal motifs. These motifs are often animal and plant related, perhaps a tribal interpretation of the city workshop garden carpet theme. Village weaving has been in steady decline since the time of the Persian revolution (1979).  Abadeh weaving production has been greatly affected and it is very difficult to source Abadeh rugs that were made in the last 40 years. This rug is roughly 50-60 years old and is a prime example of fine Abadeh weaving. Hand-spun wool yarn in pile, cotton foundation, all natural dyes.


    Size(cm): 153 x 102

    Size(ft): 5’1 x 3’4


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Dimensions153 x 102 cm

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