A dokra candle stick, 31 cms high

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    Dokra casting technique, a woman carrying a pot, 2 parts


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Product Description

Dokra: The name refers to a tribe famous for production of these castings in West Bengal. They are made by the ‘lost wax’ method of casting. A wax model is made, wrapped in clay, then heated to melt and release the wax, leaving a mould ready for molten non ferrous alloy, usually including some copper, to be poured in. The method carried by the Dokra (Dhokra) Damar tribe extends from Jharkhand to Orissa to Chattisgarh and Rajasthan.

Finer examples have better detail. Some have more copper content. They often appear in a raw and unpolished form and some of our collection at The Nomads Tent has been left like that. Some pieces we have polished, revealing a radiant material that seems to celebrate the subject matter better and we feel more reflects the original intention of the artist. There are many pieces in our collection and we hope to continue adding them.

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