August 2015 – Incognito: The Art of Disguise

The Nomads Tent presents a selling exhibition of tribal, ceremonial and performance masks from Africa and Asia.  This is largely a collection of traditional masks from Western and Central African tribes such as the Bamana, Guro, and Kwele. We will also be exhibiting a colourful selection of Topeng dance masks from Indonesia, curious masks from Northern India and contemporary Scottish works inspired by the traditional.

Incognito Post


Join us for the private view on Thursday 6th of August, 6-8pm for live music and refreshments from 10:00 am – 17:00 pm


Selected works by Glasgow born artist and sculptor Dorothy Dick will  accompany the main Incognito exhibition. ‘Masks and Masquerade’. We are delighted to present a talk by Sarah Worden, senior curator of African collections at National Museums of Scotland. The Nomads Tent, Tuesday 18th August 12-1pm, and Friday 21st August, 6-7pm.

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