15th September 2016: Berber Life in the Atlas Mountains

We are thrilled to host this talk by our friend Hamish Brown, on 15th September 2016 at 6pm. People who imagine Morocco as a country of desert kasbahs and camels will be astonished at the rich variety of scenery and culture in the Atlas Mountains where Hamish Brown has been exploring for fifty years.

Using the framework of a thousand mile, 96 day end-to-end trek of the Atlas, Hamish presents glimpses of the everyday lives of the Berbers, their rich culture, architecture, weekly souks and agricultural efforts, all in a tough, challenging world which is nevertheless extraordinarily beautiful.


Hamish Brown
Hamish Brown


Hamish touches on the alpine flora, prehistoric rock art, the horrors of flash floods and much more, all with an enthusiasm and humour from his unique experience and obvious love of the Atlas and its people. Call or email to reserve a place. £6 payable on the night; proceeds go to Mercy Corps.

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