Gnawa Trance Fusion: Sat 18th August 2018 7.30pm – 8.45pm 2018

Moroccan healing rhythms and song. Omar Afif’s Gnawa Trance Fusion brings Moroccan Sufi praise music to a meeting with Afro-funk and biues. The Gnawa music is a north African repertoire of ancient spiritual Gnawa-Sufi songs and rhythms. It is a well preserved heritage of ritual poetry with traditional music and dancing.




The music is performed at ‘lilas’, entire communal nights of celebration dedicated to prayer and healing, guided by a master musician. Many of the influences that formed this music can be traced to sub-Saharan West Africa.An addictive rhythmic experience, Gnawa Trance Fusion bring a roots fusion of traditional instruments with sax and lead guitar/banjo plus swirling call and response vocal melodies.

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