Duo Hyperborea & Friends – Saturday 7th December 7- 8.15pm

Duo Hyperborea (Helena MacGilp and Chris Elmes) present a concert of Turkish Classical and Folk music.

Saturday, 7 December 2019, 7 – 8.15 pm

Performing vocal and instrumental music on ouds, bağlama saz, tambura, and violin they will be joined by special guests Nikos Papasarantopoulos on kanun and Florian Schmidinger on percussion

The classical, or art, music of Turkey was developed during the Ottoman period in the court palaces and Sufi orders. A key feature is the system of modes known as ‘makams’, each with its own mood, or for the Sufis, with its own spiritual state. Another feature is the ‘usul’ or rhythmic modes, often using long rhythmic cycles adding drama to the music. The traditional or folk music of Turkey also shares the makam and usul systems though often in a less developed, but freer manner.

Tickets £10 – Students £8
Tickets through PayPal via www.duoHyperborea.com or reservations to the Nomads Tent by email (info@nomadstent.co.uk) leaving your name and contact number.

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