Karen Haggis and Nepalese Woman weaving textiles

Recent Explorations in Nepalese Textiles – a talk by Karen Haggis: Thursday 22nd October, 6 – 7.30pm 2015

An introduction to the textile traditions of Nepal. Karen will be recounting from personal exploration, the weavers’ lives, further illustrated by use of video footage as well as photos of spinning, weaving and knitting with giant nettle ‘allo’ fibres, cotton ‘Dhaka’ weaving and ‘counted thread’ embroiderery made by the Atpare Rais of Eastern Nepal. Nettle scarves and Susi Dunsmore’s ‘The Nettle in Nepal’ booklet will be available for sale. Read more

Moroccan pot and Lawrence McGowan Pot with Kilim on the wall behind

Kilims and Pots: 10.00 am – 17.00 pm Friday 2nd October – Sunday 1st November 2015

As summer fades into autumn, we are celebrating the colour, beauty and utility of contemporary and traditional examples of two ancient crafts: Kilims and Pots.  Kilims exhibited are showing examples of 19th and 20th century Anatolian kilims including some fine and rare pieces. The collection includes impressive contemporary kilims and our own classic designs from India, Iran, Morocco and Afghanistan. Read more

Incognito Post

August 2015 – Incognito: The Art of Disguise

The Nomads Tent presents a selling exhibition of tribal, ceremonial and performance masks from Africa and Asia.  This is largely a collection of traditional masks from Western and Central African tribes such as the Bamana, Guro, and Kwele. We will also be exhibiting a colourful selection of Topeng dance masks from Indonesia, curious masks from Northern India and contemporary Scottish works inspired by the traditional. Read more

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