Aleppo: from World City to Catastrophe. A talk by Philip Mansel. 7th May, 6pm

In this talk, using unpublished portraits and photographs, Philip Mansel shows that Aleppo was a city with a rhythm of its own, challenging categories and generalisations. Lying between the desert and the sea, the mountains of Anatolia and the banks of the Euphrates, it was Arab and Turkish; Kurdish and Armenian; Christian, Muslim and Jewish. An Arabic-speaking city with a Muslim majority, under the Ottoman Empire Aleppo also became a centre of French culture and Catholic missions. Read more

Raags and Rhythms – Sitar Concert on February 15th 2020

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Indian Raags and rhythms with Etienne Bartholomew on Sitar and Dave Beards on Tabla. Both musicians have dedicated many years to the refinement of their art to deliver an authentic experience of a musical tradition which is famed for its dynamism, depth and magic. Read more

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