10th Iranian Festival – Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd March 2019

As part of the Iranian Festival, The Nomad’s Tent is hosting the return of the highly successful Iranian Festival Fashion Show, and a two-day Iranian Bazaar selling women’s clothes and jewellery, Persian recipe kits, mixed-media artwork, jajim and kilim cushions, rugs and kilims, painted glassware and ceramics, sweets and saffron are among the many items that will be on offer. Read more

Nogay trellis tents, cart tents and bow-top vans in the Volga Steppe, late 18th century, by Geissler

The Nomads Tent 2019: Silk Road Symposium and NMS Tour

We welcome this year speakers whose special knowledge from years of study and work ‘in the field’, will shine new light on the Silk Road and the nomadic and settled cultures along its path. Traders in antiquity along what we know as The Silk Roads included Bactrians, Sogdians, Syrians, Jews, Arabs, Iranians, Turkmen, Chinese, Indians, Somalis, Greeks, Romans, Georgians and Armenians! Read more

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