Postcards from India

Earlier this year before Covid19, Andrew and Heidi’s annual buying trip in India for The Nomads Tent was documented beautifully through the lens of Heidi’s camera. This slide show with music captures some of the energy and colour of the streets of India. We are thinking of our friends and business partners in India hoping they are safe, keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

Kilim Weaving techniques

Below is an image that illustrates all 3 ways in which different colours can meet. The pattern you see here is entirely composed of horizontal ‘wefts’ woven across vertical ‘warps’.

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Jute is fibrous material taken from the stems of plants mostly of the Corchorus genus, which grows in sub tropical climates. Dundee was the world centre for converting jute into sacking, rope, twine, flooring and multiple other uses. All that remains of Scotland’s connection to jute is linoleum production in Fife by Forbo Nairn which I believe still uses jute as part of its foundation material. Read more

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