The Nomads Tent: A Warehouse of Tribal Art in Edinburgh

Shop and Exhibition Space


Our shop is down towards the end of the cobbles of St Leonard’s Lane, as you walk towards Edinburgh’s majestic Salisbury Crags.  Located here for almost three decades, many locals have come to refer to it simply as the ‘The Tent’. Another favourite term is ‘Aladdin’s cave’, thanks to the wide range and exotic variety of our goods. You will find an exciting selection of decorative and tribal rugs, kilims, furniture, cushions, scarves and jewellery, and much, much more! All the goods on offer are acquired in the bazaars of Iran, India, Afghanistan, Turkey and points East.


The Nomads Tent was noted by Ian Rankin in his book ‘The Falls’.  A new neighbour to the Nomads Tent is the recently opened Holyrood Distillery.

In the Nomads Tent you can enjoy the experience of seeing and touching the items that interest you and we are happy to answer any questions. We can provide specialist advice on rug cleaning and repair, moth problems and all matters concerning rugs. Rug repair itself is done in our shop. In the autumn we take to the road around the UK with pop-up travelling exhibitions. These 10 day long selling exhibitions are held in private homes

For many years we have supported the charity Mercy Corps. At our annual symposium in aid of Mercy Corps we invite authors, historians, curators and other specialists to help shine light on various aspects of culture and history.

According to William Morris:   ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’

We might add ‘and ethical‘ to this sentiment. Since opening in 1982, we maintain that our goods are no less important than the people and cultures they come from. We have a policy of trading fairly with our suppliers.

We warmly welcome our new neighbour to the Nomads Tent, the recently opened Holyrood Distillery. Some of you will recall ‘The Engine Shed’ with its memorable vegetarian restaurant. Now people can take tours round this state-of-the-art distillery and enjoy tastings, and, to my mind most important, fabulous chocolates in their gift shop.


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